To Promote the Usefulness

and Skill of Crochet

My passion is crochet; my pride is making high quality creations; my ambition is to raise respect of makers and encourage all to just crochet.

About Canadian Mom

I am a lifelong maker, certified instructor and self-confessed crochet nerd!

Learn to Crochet

I offer a variety of classes from beginner to familiar, specialty stitches and popular techniques. 

What class is right for you?

Beginner Classes

If you've never held a hook before or was once taught and forgot everything, the beginner class series is for you.

Beginner Course

Commit to the three beginner classes at a special rate.

"I'm familiar with Crochet but need help" class

If you just need a little expert help to get through a tricky pattern or a pesky stitch, you would benefit from the 'I'm Perplexed' or a Specialty Stitch crochet class.

Popular Projects and techniques

A class dedicated to helping you make a granny square, corner to corner afghan or amigurumi project.

Own Your Own Crochet Creation

Online store coming soon.!

Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkey's have been a passion of mine since one of my son's first asked for one in 2009. The Monkey pictured above is the very first one I ever made. 

Just For Fun and Patterns

I've said before, Crochet is way of life for me and I do enjoy to be entertained so, here you'll find a few things that demonstrate how crochet can fill your whole life. 

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