About CanadianMom aka Tammy 

     First, I'll explain how I became Canadian Mom; when my 3 children were younger, our family camped quite a bit and I belonged to several message boards to communicate with like-minded camping enthusiastic families. I was known as 'Five Gone Fishing' as there was myself, my then husband, and my 3 children and, we all liked to fish. After my marriage broke up, (I say one didn't come back) I adopted the handle of Canadian Mom as I am very proud to be an 8th generation Canadian and I love being a mom. We continued to camp and I was able to instil my love of nature and exploration, as they too as young adults enjoy the out of doors and will occasionally join me, if I agree to make their favourite dish over the campfire.

      As for crafting, I was lucky to grow up with a very large and craft minded family. I was given exposure and opportunity to try pretty much every craft under the sun. My earliest memory of crocheting was with a cousin who taught me to finger crochet when I was 8-years old. I very quickly graduated to a hook, was taught the Granny Square, and have never looked back. When I was 10, I proudly made everyone a crochet pillow for Christmas. In my early teens, thanks to a neighbour, I learned to read written patterns and charts and spent a few years making lace doilies and the like, however burnt out on crochet thread after my wedding. I had decided to make guests a scented crochet sac. Unfortunately, we had 150 guests and when I was done, I never wanted to see a small hook again. I spent a few years knitting, making my kids lovely raglan sweaters, but found myself back to exclusively crocheting by the time I was 30. I pretty much always have a hook in my hand and yarn stashed everywhere. I enjoy making smaller projects such as hats, amigurumi and novelty items and try to complete a blanket a year. I’ve attended countless craft shows and fairs as a vendor. Now, well into my 40’s, I’m ready to take my craft to next level and formally teach others this wonderful art I’ve dedicated my life to. 

     I am now a certified crochet instructor with the Craft Yarn Council, and a member of the Crochet Guild of America. I look forward to starting the next phase of my crochet life by teaching as many people as I can the wonderful skill of crochet.

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