In recent years, there has been a dramatic resurgence in the classic craft of crochet. In this 'instant gratification' and 'mass-marketing' society, people are choosing to go back to basics and invest their own time and skill by making items for themselves and others. Crochet is a versatile manipulation of yarn and knows no age or gender limit. A person can create blankets, clothing, toys, household articles, art work or novelty items for themselves, as gifts, to sell or just because they can.

            I have a strong passion for all things crochet and been crocheting, and knitting, for almost 40-years. I am also a Certified Crochet Instructor with the Craft Yarn Council. For the past 10-years I have been offering my creations for sale at several shows, festivals and events including the Courtice Flea Market, the Markham Home for the Holiday Show and the Cobourg Waterfront Festival. While dealing with the public, I have observed a consistent theme; people either know someone, or how to themselves, or want to know how to crochet. There are 100's of stitches, terms, techniques and patterns dedicated to crochet and I am qualified to introduce you to the wonderful world of crochet.

            I offer private beginner crochet classes, as well refresher classes for those that have a basic understanding. My classes will introduce the novice crocheter to the knowledge and techniques needed to crochet anything! Doesn't matter if your right or left handed. Each class is approximately 1 ½ hours and cost $30 per class or 3 classes for $75. You will need a size H(5.00mm) crochet hook and worsted weight yarn or you may purchase a Beginner Crochet Kit.

Sample Class Schedule:

  • First Class – introduction to slip knot, chain and single crochet stitches
  • Second Class – start beginner project, learn 3 stitches; such as double crochet, shell and cluster stitch
  • Third Class – how to increase and decrease, read patterns
  • Fourth Class – how to join yarn, finish and edge
  • CYOA Class – if you have specific goals, together we can Create Your Own Class

Additional information covered during classes include terminology, tools, types of yarn, reading yarn labels, basic stitches, gauge and how to read a pattern. You may register for just one or all classes. 

Beginner Crochet Kits Available which includes everything you need to begin your crochet journey:

  1. 3 crochet hooks in the most popular sizes
  2. tape measure
  3. sniping scissors 
  4. darning needle
  5. yarn
  6. pen and notebook
  7. carrying case

Contact Tammy to begin your crochet journey today!

Phone: 905-404-5056

Email: canadianmom