July 4, 2017 - I have had and overwhelming reception to my crochet pride Celtic knot, which I actually created while camping one spring morning, so thought I would join the foray of pattern writing. 

Please keep in mind, this is my first attempt at writing a crochet pattern so everyone who attempts it will be a tester. Feed back and pictures are always welcome especially if you choose to change up the colours!




I used size H8- 5mm crochet hook, yarn needle and Bernat Super Value Yarn in Bright Yellow, Kelly Green, Carrot Orange, Royal Blue, Light Damson and Berry Red.


ch - chain

hdc - half double crochet

st - stitch

FO- fasten off

Gauge: Not critical for this item.


Make six pieces, one in each colour. 

Chain 42.

Row 1: hdc in 3rd st from hook, 1 hdc in 6 sts, 3 hdc in 1 st, 1 hdc in 24 sts, 3 hdc in 1 st, 1 hdc in 7 sts, ch 2, turn.

Row 2: (hdc in 1 st, 2 hdc in 1 st) 4 times, 5 hdc in 1 st, (hdc in 1 st, 2 hdc in 1 st) 13 times, 5 hdc in 1 st, (hdc in 1 st, 2 hdc in 1 st) 4 times. FO leaving a 6"-8" tail.

Use diagram 1 to fit pieces together.

Join ends of different colours using diagram 2 at A, as illustrated. FO, weave in ends.

Once all ends are joined, use diagram 2 and sew edges of same colour pieces together at B with 5 stiches, FO, weave in ends.

Using diagram 2, a needle and yarn, pick up 2 stitches from the bottom of each piece at C, draw tight to close center section, FO, weave in end.

Please feel free to make or sell this item from the pattern. I do ask you link back to this site and not to use the photos as your own.